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We are committed to supply best downhole tools, our products
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Down-hole tools division

Machinery supply division

Machinery Maintenance

Rig up Rig down

Logistics transportations

Valve repair/maintenance

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Our vison

We look forward to expanding in advanced future businesses with the state’s vision (2035), which seeks to apply technology and environmentally friendly alternative energy and implement smart ideas in the participation of successful companies in order to bring our company to a global level in providing services of the highest quality and professionalism.


Our mission

Our mission is to meet the growing need for productivity support in the oil and gas industry through our comprehensive services. We aim to facilitate all service work for operators, engineers, and supervisors, enabling them to optimize their operations effectively.

At the core of our services lie two fundamental principles: quality and accuracy. We are committed to providing exceptional standards in meeting the requirements of all departments responsible for supporting and producing oil in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By upholding these principles, we strive to contribute to the success of the oil industry in the region.

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The element of quality and safety is one of the most important elements that we place among our priorities that we cannot neglect, and over the course of time we provide our work and we work to improve the quality in all our work with an excellent quality and safety system that keeps pace with ongoing challenges and is in line with different customer requirements.


 We offer a range of innovative solutions and modern technologies that are specifically designed to enhance productivity in the most efficient manner possible

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